Eurovision 2013 – The Review Part 1

Dear All,
Here is the first part of my Eurovision 2013 review.  This year the contest was held in Malmo Sweden which looks like a wonderful city!  After the usual preliminaries, the singing began with:

1. France – ‘L’enfer Et Moi’
Spiky guitars and a sultry smokey voiced singer kicked off the competition well.  Nice close-up hand drop and high chorus note with added echo played out well.  Be-tassled singer gave it her all with some nice vamping at the end.  An unusual, but intriguing start.
Final position: 23 (sadly)

2. Lithuania – Something
Sexy solo man had caused a ripple in the semi-final show with this earnest soft rocker.  A little too Snow-Patrol-lite for my liking, but he gained points for his Lithuania wrist band and amazing seventies spacey camera fill.  ‘Because of the Shoes I’m wearing today…one is called love, the other is called pain’ immediately entered the classic dodgy Eurovision lyric top-ten. 
Final position: 22 (understandable)

3. Moldova – O Mie
Initially considered forgettable, this was actually a tremendous slow burner from the Morrissey quiffed  leading lady and her weather system frock.  Her white suited backing men initially stole the show with their rather expressive dancing, before the synth strings kicked in with the thumping beats.   Lightning struck, fire burned, ice thawed and still she grew.  ‘Go away – now I’m done’….fair enough.
Final position: 11 (could have been higher)

4. Finland – Marry Me
A favourite from the semi-finals, this fun power-pop tune featured a sexy blonde in wedding dress surrounded by some masked zorro dancers wearing their crushed velvet jackets with pride.  There was an ‘Oh ding dong’ chorus refrain along with some very cheesy cutaways to the backing bridesmaids.  A great rocking veil-break-down moment took place in the middle-8 before it all ended in some rather risky kissing business.  Oh I say. 
Final position: 24 (coming soon to a teen rom-com soundtrack)

5. Spain – Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End)
Bagpipes are apparently quite authentically Spanish (thanks Liz) and this is how Spain’s entry kicked off before a rather elderly backing band rocked in a rather soft fashion.  Poor singer lady was clearly nervous and had a rather shaky time throughout.  The pipes kicked in again towards the end before the first 2013 Eurovision gimmick took off in the shape of some lovely yellow Chinese lanterns rising to the stadium’s ceiling.  Only OK. 
Final position:25 (a little low perhaps, but then again…)

6. Belgium – Love Kills
Ahh, this was my favourite and should definitely have won it all. 18 year old Roberto in nice suit and with his smooth vocals told the heart-breaking tale of a love that kills beneath a big beat with an earworm chorus.  Two Robert Palmer girls worked off their socks with lots of synchronised shoulder dips, before a dub-step middle-8 ushered an ending featuring some wonderful wiggling wrists, Roberto’s clenched fists and some sweet tears at the finish.  A classic. 
Final position: 12 (robbed)

7. Estonia – Et Uus Saaks Alguse
For some reason the first verse of this piano led ballad was broadcast in black and white.  No idea why.  Still it did feature the best slide guitar ever to feature in any Eurovision song I’ve heard (their clearly George Harrison fans).  The sexy singer lady utilised plenty of the stage in her flowing frock while the smoke machine put in a key shift.  A good quality key change could be heard while the fans enjoyed themselves with flag-waving a-plenty.  ‘Let the past stay in the past’ was the sage advice.
Final position: 20 ( about right)

8. Belarus – Solayoh
Classic Europop with a glitter ball theme that encompassed the singers tomb, dress and even a backing drum.  Puffy-shirted, MC hammer-trousered wearing backing men surrounded the frantic singer lady while the backing-singers clearly weren’t that bother with their half-hearted hand-dancing routine during the synchronised ending.  ‘We can make it into hot night’.  Dire.
Final position: 16 (inexplicable)

9. Malta – Tomorrow
What a happy fellow.  Who couldn’t love this gentle summery track featuring an ‘Oh, Oh’ chorus and rhyming Jeremy with IT.  There was some ukulele, hand-claps a plenty and tongue-out high-fiving.  C’mon, who didn’t laugh when the ukulele man was playfully smacked round the face.  Secured Melanie’s vote and deserved to do well.
Final position: 8n (nicely done)

Stay tuned – part two of the review will follow in the near future!


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